Learn to write an eye-catching introductory paragraph in an argumentative essay:

So, your teacher has assigned you another task of writing an argumentative essay. You must read this article to remove this hesitation if you consider writing it as a dreaded affair. No doubt, convincing someone is not as simple as ABC. The argumentative essay demands from an essay writer to persuade its readers according to his point of view.

When a student doesn't have profound knowledge and ample information about the topic, he fails to write stunning and impressive content. That's when he looks for an essay writing service to ask them for help with writing.

The writing material matters a lot in argumentative essay writing. It should be informative, exciting, and factual. Moreover, a writer must know all details about its targeted audience. Only then he will be able to write an alluring and splendid essay.


  • What is the argumentative essay?

Firstly, a student must know what argumentative essay is exactly about so that he must not get confused and nervous while writing this genre of essay. It is a particular genre of essay writing. It demands a student to convince its targeted audience according to his point of view. 

For this purpose, a student has to take a firm stance on the assigned statement. He has to raise logical arguments to prove his opinion as to the legitimate one. It is imperative to mention here that an essay writer doesn't get any space to express his personal feelings, emotions, or thoughts. 

Moreover, it is the utmost responsibility of a writer to put down vivid examples along with robust and convincing pieces of evidence to persuade readers. To do so, a scribbler has to do in-depth research regarding the assigned topic.

It is notable here that students must also raise a counter-argument to prove the legitimacy of their opinion. This practice plays a vital role in leaving a positive impact on a writer in the reader's mind. 

However, some students, despite following all the rules essential to writing the argumentative essay, still fail to score top grades. Consequently, they become fed up with writing comprehensive essays. They start considering narrative essay writing a daunting and tiresome job. 

Well, a student has to write an attention-grabbing introduction paragraph to write a top-notch essay. Let's have a look at how to write the alluring introduction of an essay.


  • How to write attention-seeking Introduction in an argumentative essay:

Writing an attractive introduction in an argumentative essay plays a vital role in writing a top-tier essay. A writer must fight tooth and nail to write an extraordinary introductory paragraph. 

Putting down a surprisingly amazing fact or figure that must astonish a reader is an excellent way to start with writing this exemplification essay.

The opening statement must be robust enough to lure the reader's interest. For this purpose, students must understand the concept of a hook statement. It provides a guideline for a writer to pen an essay with a thought-provoking statement.

Next, a writer must define the topic succinctly. The definition must be brief and to the point. Also, a writer has to tell its targeted audience about the primary motif of writing this particular piece of paper.

Furthermore, it is a fact that a thesis statement is the backbone of all types of essays. In this type of essay, a thesis statement is usually the main argument that reflects a writer's opinion.

As it is the central point around which the whole discussion revolves around, so it has to be concise, vivid, and intriguing. The introduction must be precise and up to the mark. Students have to understand this fact that academic writing is the last resort for them.

Students have to keep nose to the grindstone to become a top-echelon writer.


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